19 DECEMBER 1885, Page 24

Her Husband's Home. By Evelyn Everett-Green. (J. F. Shaw.) —Eugenie

Durley, the young wife of a soldier ordered on active service, comes, with her boy of four years old, to live with her husband's mother and elder brother. The mother is prejudiced against her ; she herself is prejudiced against both. But there is good-feeling and the desire to do right on both sides ; and in time the clouds clear themselves away and all is well. Some of the scenes are particularly effective ; that especially when Eug4nie makes her way into the invalid Sir John's study, and instals herself in the post of secretary. In the by-plot, which gives the necessary ingredient of a love-story, almost as mach de rigueur in these tales as in the ordinary novel, old Mr. Mason, with his kind heart and cynical outside, is a vigorous sketch.