19 DECEMBER 1885, Page 25

Thrown on the World ; or, the Scrapes and 'Scapes

of Ray and Bertie, by Edwin Hodder (Hodder and Stoughton), is one of the best gift- books of the season that has come under our notice, and is clearly recognisable in all ways as the production of one who writes as a cultivated Christian gentleman. It is replete with adventures, skil- fully and artistically told. We do not see how a boy could desire anything better than that of " Charon's Ferry-boat," chapter 12, in which the position is as well described as it is novel, to us at least. The interest in the two heroes is equally well sustained throughout the 400 (small) pages to the end, while several other pleasant characters play their part in the tale. After what we have said, we need hardly add that the tone is all that could be desired, and that the book generally is of a high type. The tasteful get-up corresponds with its contents, and its eight illustrations are very good. We can heartily recommend it.