19 DECEMBER 1885, Page 3

Mr. Erichsen, we regret to say, has lost his election

for the Universities of Edinburgh and St. Andrews by 385 votes. Though his poll has been less than that of Sir Lyon Playfair at the last election only by about 67 votes, the Tories have polled several hundreds more for the Lord Advocate than they polled for Mr. Bickerateth in 1880. The poll for the Orkneys is not yet declared, but there is no doubt at all of the victory of the Liberals. Therefore, if all the seats were occupied, the Liberal Party would be in a minority of four, as compared with the united parties of the Tories and the Parnellites, but at first the tie will be exact, as four Parnellites have been doubly returned, and cannot, of course, give two votes each.