19 DECEMBER 1885, Page 3

There are now two Deaneries and a Bishopric vacant,—the Deaneries

of Chester and Hereford and the Bishopric of Man- chester. For the latter, we earnestly hope that a clergyman who is accustomed to hard work, and who will look at the diocese with the eye rather of an organiser, than of a preacher, may be preferred. The Bishop of Bedford, Dr. Walsham How, would, we should think, fulfil very fairly the conditions of the case, and make a successor to Dr. Fraser who, without specially inviting comparison, would be likely to command universal respect. For the Deaneries very different qualities are required ; and we hope that, in one of them at least, Lord Salisbury may be able to follow the excellent precedent of proving that with „him, as with Mr. Gladstone, it is spiritual efficiency, and not political sympathy, which constitutes the chief qualification for promotion in the Church.