19 DECEMBER 1885, Page 3

With regard to the Cambridge Memorial, which has been published

since we last wrote upon it, we note that it has been signed by the Vice-Chancellor (the Master of Goaville and Caius), by Professor Swainson (the Vice-Chancellor Elect), by the Master of Clare, the Master of Selwyn, the Master of St. John's, the Master of Trinity, the Vice-Master of Trinity, by Canon Westcott (the Regius Professor of Divinity), by Dr. Hort (the Hulsean Professor of Divinity), by Mr. Creighton (the Dixie Professor of Ecclesiastical History), by Dr. Kennedy (the Regius Professor of Greek), by Mr. Seeley (the Regius Professor of Modern History), by Mr. Newton (the Professor of Zoology and Comparative Anatomy), and by a host of other distinguished men, both lay and clerical,—indeed, by so many that it is clear that the movement is quite as much a lay as a clerical movement, and yet so well supported by the higher clergymen that no one can regard it as likely to excite the jealousy of clergymen. Both Universities are clearly moving in the right direction ; but Cam- bridge this time with more vigour and clear discernment of the critical point than Oxford.