19 FEBRUARY 1842, Page 13


Arrived—At Gravesend, 12th Feb. Hesperia, Morgan, from Mauritius; 13th, Si- mon Taylor. Brown, from China ; 14th, Byker. Christie, from the Cape ; and Janet Boyd. Boyd. from Mauritius; 15th, Morley, Evans, from Bombay ; Royal Albert. Tes- sier, from Bengal: and Harlequin. Harrisou, from Singapore ; 16th. Minalto, Trigar- then. from Mauritius ; Margaret. Caunev. from Bengal ; and. Bussorah Merchant, Ferrier, from Chins; and 18th. Marquis of Hastings. Carr, from Betigal. Off Torbay, 14th Feb. Countess of Durham, Johnstone, from Singapore. At Liverpool. 12th Feb. Eleanor. M•Pherson, from Bombay ; 14th, Ann, —, from ditto ; and 15th. Alice, Anwyl, from Mauritius. At St. Helena, 23.1 Dec. Reflector, Jenkins, from Bengal ; and 27th, Permiugham, Green, from London. At the Cape of Good Hope, previous to 17th Dec. Nankin. Palmer ; Emancipation. Weber ; 'Edinburgh, Patterson ; and Bland, Callan. from London ; Lancaster, Jefferson, from Liverpool ; Charlotte, Potts, from Sunderland ; and Mermaid. Sedgwiek. from Bengal Sailed—FronoGrovesend. 10th Feb. Juliet, Alexander, for Bengal; and Peter Praetor, Armstrong, for Ceylon; 15th. Malacca, Shelter, for Madras; 16th, Charlotte, Hawkins, for ditto; and 17th; Helen Mary. Palmer. for Ceylon From Bristol, 7th, Halifax. Packet. Colford for Bengal. From Liverpool. 17th, Jessie Logan, Major, for Bengal. From Clyde, 16th, Malay, Griffin, for Singapore.