19 FEBRUARY 1842, Page 19


ADMIRALTY. Feb. l2.—Corpsof Royal Marines —Col. Second Commandant G. Beatty to be Col. Commandant, 'ice Adair, retired on full-pay; Lieut.-C.I. E. S. Mei cer to be Col. Second Commandant, vice Beatty, promoted; Brevet-Ma.or D A. (Jib- sane to be Limit .Col. vice Mercer, promoted; Capt. S. R Wesley appointed to Gm Artillery Companies of the Corps, vice Gibsone, promoted; First Lieut. W Lee to be Capt. vice Wesley; Second Lieut. P. H. Fellowes to be First Lieut. vice Low. pro- moted; Col. Second Commandant T. A. Parke, C. B to be Col. C .mrnauclant, vice Connolly. retired on full-pay; Lieut.•Col. J. M'Cullum to be Col. rimmed Com- mandant, vice Parke, promoted; Brevet-Major 1). .1. Whitman to be 1..eut.-Col. vice M•Cullum, promoted; First Lieut. It. 0. Bridge to be Capt. vice Ballingall. pro- moted; Second Lieut. W. C. P. Elliott to be First Lieut. vice Badge. promoted; Brevet Major B Biome to be LieuL.Col. vice Murton, retired on full-pay; First Lieut. and Adjt. H. W. Parke to be Capt. vice Room, promoted; First Lieut. B. Varlu to be Adjt. vice Parke, promoted; Second Lieut. C. W. Adair to be First Lieut. vice Vial*. appointed Aojt.; Brevet Major J. Hewes to be Lleut..Col. vice Walker. retired on full-pay; First Lieut. and Adjt. A. B. Stranaham to be Capt. vice Hewes, promoted; First Lieut. W R Matwell to be Adjt. vice Stronsham. promoted; Sewed Lieut. R. Farmer to be First Lieut vice Maxwell. appointed Adjt. Was-Omer, Feb. 18-7th Drag. Guards—Assist. Surg. D. Alleck. from the 1s5th P..ot, to be Awrist.-Surg vice F, x. promoted to be Stall:lam. of the Seco .d Class. 9th Light Drags. Regimental Sergt.-Major T. Tarletou to be Qoartermaster. vice Croad, dec. loth Light Drags.—Ensign C. C. W . Dumville, from the ..9th Foot, to be Cornet, vice Lott, who exchanges. 15th Light Drags.—Curnet W. B. L. Sleigh, from the 16th Light Drags, to be Cornet, viee Steuart, dec. 3d Foot-Lieut. H. Blair to be Adjt. wee Desborough, who resigns the Adjutancy only. 26th Foot-Lieut. OW. M. Lovett. from the 86th Foot. to be lieut. vice Phipps, who exchanges. 29th Foot -Cornet G. A. F. Lott. from the 13th Light Drags, to be Ensign, vice Domville, who exchanges. 33d Foot-Assist. -Surg. A. Mackiutosh. M.D., from the Staff, to be Aunt. Burg. vice Magrath, promoted to be Second Class StalT.Surg. 56th Foot- Lieutenant Henry Bruce Barclay to be Captain by purchase, vice Walmesley, who retires; Ensign George William I atey to be Lieutenant, by purchase, vice Bar- clay ; Fox Maule Ramsay, Gentleman, to be Ensign, by purchase, vice Paley. 724 Foot-Capt C. W. Gore. from the 86th Foot, to he Capt. vice Rattray, who ex- changes. 86th Foot-Capt. W. Rattray. from the 724 Foot, to be Capt. vice Gore, who exchanges ; Lieut. H. B. Phipps, from the 26th Foot. to be Lieut. vice Lovett, who exchanges. 95th Foot-Assist.-Surg. H G. Gordon. M.D. from the Staff, to be Assist.-Surg vice Aftleck. appointed to the 7th Drag. Guards 99th Foot- Capt. R. F. Shawe. front half-pay uuattached, to be Capt. vice Brevet Major J. P. Westropp, who exchange.; Lieut. T. Cassini to be Capt , by purchase, vice Shawe, who retires; Ensign F. Montgomerie to be Lieut. by purchase, sire Cassau ; E. W. Isdell, Gent. to be Resign, by purchase. vice Mmegomerie.

1st West ludia Regt.- C. Grey, Gent, to be Ensign, by purchase, vice Steevens, promoted. Brevet.- Capt. R. F. Shawe, of the 9911i Foot, to be Major in the Army. Memorandum.-The date of the Commission of Ensign Sharpe to the 57th Foot is the 12th. and not the 11th, Feb. 1842, as stated in the Gazette of the 11th inst. ADMIRALTY, Feb. 15. -Royal Marines-W. G t. Masters, Gent. to be Sec.-Lieut.; R. Parke, Gent, to be Sec.-Lieut. ; J. J. D. Barclay. Gent. to be Sec.-Lieut.