19 FEBRUARY 1921, Page 23

The Revival of Mothering Sunday. By G. Penswick Smith. (S.P.C.K.

2s. 6d. net.)—This interesting little book describes the traditional observances connected with the Fourth Sunday of Lent or Mothering Sunday, called " Laetare " from the opening word of the Introit. There were procession's to church, and by way of relief from the spare diet of Lent it was customary to make special cakes—the simnels, well known in the North, or the thin wafer-cakes still made at Chilbolton in Hampshire. The Mid-Lent Carnival which the French hold is a survival of the common- mediaeval practise of holding festival on this day. The author's purpose is to emphasize the signi- ficance of Mothering Sunday ab the " true and ancient day in praise of mothers." It is a pleasant idea which has been applied in recent years in some parishes.