19 FEBRUARY 1921, Page 24

WORM OF REFEBENCE.—Debrett's House of Commons and the Judicial Bench,

1921, edited by A. G. M. Hesihige (Dean and Son, 17s. 6d. net), appears in its fifty-fifth edition in time for the new session. It is commendably accurate, except that the Hillhead division, represented by Sir Robert Home, is wrongly said (p. xxi.) to be vacant. There are other vacant seats in Great Britain besides Cardigan, but these vacancies have occurred since the book went to press.—Kelly's Handbook to t1 Titled, Landed, and Official Classes for 1921 (Kelly's Directories, 30s.), a familiar and most useful work, has been enlarged so as to include " the names of the more prominent men of business in the United Kingdom," whom most books of reference agree to ignore unless they have titles or orders of knighthood. The alphabetical arrangement of the names is most convenient ; the

book now contains about 1,800 pages in double columns, so that between 30,000 and 40,000 persons are mentioned. Dod's Parliamentary Companion for 1921 (Sir Isaac Pitman and Sons, 7s. 6d. net) has been carefully revised. It contains among the supplementary notes an explanation of the changes produced by the Home Rule Act, which reduces the number of Irish members from 105 to 46. Dod is as well printed as ever, and as indispensable.