19 FEBRUARY 1937, Page 22


[To the Editor of THE SPECTATOR.]

SIR,—From time to time I see pathetic letters in the Press about the wrongs of unpaid tradesmen. I have always tried to pay my tradesmen by return of post or at any rate with as little delay as possible ; but there is quite another side to the question, namely, the apparent negligence of tradesmen in regard to rendering bills.

On February 1st I received an account from a chemist largely composed of an "account rendered," said to have been rendered in January. I did not receive it in January ; but I asked him to send me particulars. This has occurred with two other bills, and after four or five days I have had no reply. I have often had the same difficulty in collecting accounts payable by executors. The explanation may well be that tradesmen assess their prices at a scale which penalises the honest customer, and therefore will not trouble to assist anyone who wishes to discharge a bill punctually.—Yours, &c.,