19 FEBRUARY 1943, Page 21


IA Book Token for one guinea will be awarded to the sender of the first correct solution of this week's crossword to be opened after noon on Tuesday week, -March znd. Envelopes should be received not later then first post that day and must bear the word "Crossword," the NUMBER of the puzzle and a 2#13. stamp. Solutions mist be on the Form below, mid none can be accepted from the USA. The solution ad the name of the winner will be published in the following issue.)


1. Confused noises in a ship periodically. 5. I am braced.

9. They provide the day's pill. (4, 4.) to. Tardy in the ship again.

12. Nothing to write with, that's clear.

13. Oppressive.

15. As to a Balkan city sounds intended. 19. These fighting men should know their place, so to speak...

22. Set ten back after noon abroad.

24. Was it just the daily grind for j. S.?

26. We all want to hear it, especially now.

27. The secret of perfection.

28. I'm leaving mistress.

29. " Where perhaps some beauty lies the - of neighb'ring eyes." (Milton.)


t. Dismal colour of the willow.

2. Soldier, I'm off, you stick . 3, lit. These painters should =Kt their mark. 4. Boffin.

6. Jaques was.

7. The initiative is his.

8. But the proposer of a motion is not always so.

Place that I get mixed up in, coming out at the end. 14. See 3. 16. Wine served in ciphers. W. Pep talks should provide it. 18. It's owing to him.

20. A place for everybody, as it were.

21. " Sunny locks Hang on her temples like a golden -." (Shakespeare.) 23. This i§ an indispensable part of the yearly payment.

25. " Fame's loudest trump upon the ear of Time 'Leaves but a dying -." (Southey.)