19 JANUARY 1833, Page 1

6: .1o::Ft 0YD, of Viraillia, has sent IlleSSti•f• : 0

the Iektisr' , lature that State, dated 13th December last, m Vt' he tions th reeeipt of the ordinance adopted by South Carolina for.

the nn tiling of -the Tariff-laws within their territory. - - vertar proposes " that an amicable reference should be nl the great tribunal which formed and adapted the Constitution,— namely, to the People of the States themselves." After this message had been read, a resolution was adopted by the Legisla- ture, for appointing a Committee to report upon' the state of the. question generally, and with regard to the interests of .Virginia. especially, and upon the propriety of recommending a General: Convention of the States, to take the matter into consideration, and devise the best means of preserving the peace of the Union. . The only additional news of any interest from the United States is, that the proclamation of the President had been received at Charleston, but that there appeared to be no signs of wavering or irresolution on the part of the Nullifiers. The Unionist, or Tariff party, was making great exertions in Carolina to produce a reaction against the dominant party. )