19 JANUARY 1833, Page 10

The Gazette of last night announces the appointment of Lieutenant-

'Colonel T. W. Taylor to the office of Groom of the Chamber, in the room of Sir H. Blackwood, deceased; of Lord Adolphus Fitz- clarence to be Lord of the Bedchamber, in the room of the Earl of Denbigh; and of Captain F. H. Seymour, to be Groom of the Robes, in the room of Lord A. Fitzelarence. The Dean of Hereford has been appointed Deputy Clerk of the Closet to his Majesty, in the room of Dr. Hughes, deceased ; rand; the Rev. T. F. F. Bowes, Supernu- merary Deputy-Clerk of the Closet, in the room of the Dean of Hereford.

A correspondent, in reference to the appointment of Captain Sey- mour, desiderates "a return of the number of that eternal family who bold sinecures—the whole family being rank Tories."