19 JANUARY 1833, Page 10



Till yesterday afternoon, the past week had been one of inactivity in the Money Market, and, comparatively, the fluctuations bad not been great. The uncertainty in which the question of peace or war is still involved has contri-

buted to counteract the obvious effect of the great plenty of money, and till yes- terday the Cousol Market showed 4 tendency to decline ; the price was as low as 87. The more pacific rumours of the hour have given confidence, and Con- sols have to-day been at 88, and close at 871, ss. We understand, that- amongst the mass of the public a great disposition for investment exists, and some very large masses of capital have, within the last few days, been thrown into the Market. But Stoc'f is not scarce ; and the continuation or premium for holding Stock from the 2":1 ofJanuary (the day fixed for the settlement of the present Account, and the time fixed for the February settlenIcnt) is 3-16ths per cent., thus affording an interest on the capital employed of 2 per cent. ; a rate quite equal to that obtainable by the safe employment of capital in any other mode. The investments in and consequent importation of Dutch Stock continue as great as ever; and whatever cause of complaint the Dutch King may fancy he has against the Government of England, he must be very grateful to our capitalists, who by these investments have, in fact, subsidized him to the extent of nearly ten millions sterling. The Exchange on Amsterdam still con- tinues to decline ; but we understand there are so many difficulties thrown in the way of the transport of gold to Hollrnd, by the season of the year and the political situation of that kingdom, that a much farther fail i..ust take place be- fore the transmission of the precious metals can become a profitable speculation. Consols for Money have been at sq and 86;,' ex dividend, and close this afternoon at 83;1, ; the price for Account, with dividend, has been 87 and 88. Reduced 3 per Cents, have been 861 and 861, and close 87]. New 31 per Cents. have been 93L, and close at 933. Exchnuer Bills, after remaining all- the week at 40s. to 428. prem., have to-day improved to 41s. prem. India Stock has improved 21 per cent., the lowest price being 2071, and the last quotation of o.day 2091. Bank Stock has fluctuated between 192 and 19C,I, and the closing price is 1921.

In the Foreign Market, most descriptions of Stock are at higher pricris than during the last week. Intelligence of a favourable nature has been received from Rio Janeiro; and Brazilian Stock, which was as low as 473, has bcen quoted to-day at 493, and closes at 491. The last advices from Oporto are also more favourable, and both Portuguese Bonds and Regency Scrip have im- proved; the price of the former has been 501, and closes this afternoon at 5o1 ; while that of the latter, which has been at dis., is to-day quoted at 43, dis. Spanish Stock has been at 16L, and dozes this afternoon at 161 1. The only Stock that has not shared in the general improvement is Belgian, which the continued supply has kept down. The price on Monday was 7n, and the- Stock has to-day been at 761, and closes at 76,,i 3. Dutch Stock has been at 423, and closes this afternoon at 421. Russian Stock has been 1011 and 1013, and closes 1011, 102. During the week, some bargains have been effected in French 5 per Cents, and the highest price has been at 101/ ; while the highest quotation of French 3 per Cents. is 721, with 25-80 the rate of exchange.


All descriptions of Stock are at higher prices to-day than yesterday; but the- greatest improvement has taken place in Consols, which, at one time, were quoted at 881, being a per cent, higher than the closing price of last night ; a reaction has taken place, and the price is now 881 1. Exchequer Bills have- also improved, and are 45s. 46s. prem. In the Foreign Market, Dutch and Belgian Bonds have been the principal -objects of attraction; the former has been 431, which is the present price, and the latter is now quoted 761 3. All the other descriptions of Stock are nominally higher. West India Dock has im- proved since last week, and is now 94.


The only variation in prices since this morning is in the Congo' Market, and there the price for the Account is higher, viz. 881 I. In the Foreign Market, almost all descriptions of Stock close at our morning's quotation, and the business of the afternoon has not been of sufficient importance to require particular notice.

3 per Cent. Console.. 861 Ditto for Accoant... 884 New 34 p. Cent. Ann. 944

Bank Stock 193 — India Stock 204 Exchequer Bills 45 46

Belgian 5 p. Cts. 761 1 Brzilian 5 per Cts. 491 1 Danish 3 per Cents. 714 2 Dutch 24 per Cents. 43 k French 3 per Cents. — — Greek (1825) 5p.Cts. 28 29

Mexican 6p. Cents. 26 27 Portuguese 5p. Cts. 50

Do. Regency Sc. 5p.CL44 4# Prussian(1313)5 p.Ct.— — Russian( 1822) 5 p.0 t. 10124 Spauish(1821) 5 p. Ct. 161