19 JANUARY 1833, Page 14


LISTON has shaken off his indisposition, and reappeared on Monday night at the Olympic, with revived health and spirits. He was wel- comed by a crowded house with hearty congratulations, which were doubtless beneficial to him as a stimulating draught. Who knows but the reports of the press may have tended to dissipate the cloud of me- lancholy that hung over him, as the firing of guns at sea disperses the brooding vapours that produce water-spouts ?

Nell Gwynne, Masaniello, and the pantomime of Puss in Boots, con- tinue to draw crowded audiences to Covent Garden.

LA2ORTE intends, it is said, to produce at Covent Garden the ballet of Kenilworth, which was so attractive at the Opera the season before last. The spectacle of this ballet, both as regards scenery and dresses, was splendid and picturesque in the highest degree. We hope its re- vival will be more brilliant and perfect than that of Ilfasaniello, which has lost much of its "original brightness."

A new comic piece called The Nervous Man, by Mr. BERNARD, whose last production was The Conquering Game, now performing at the Olympic, is announced for Wednesday, at Drury Lane. FARBER is to personite "the nervous man."

The workmen have commenced operations in clearing the ground for laying the foundation of the new English Opera-house. It is said it will be completed by July.