19 JANUARY 1833, Page 2

The partisans of Don CABLOS in Toledo and Madrid have

made an abortive attempt to raise an insurrection against the govern- ment of the Queen. In Toledo, upwards of 1,500 insurgents ap- peared; but in Madrid, although some persons of distinetion have been arrested, the affair does not appear to have been formidable. It is stated that the troops are Liberal in their polities, and well- -disposed towards the new order of things. If this is the case, the -Queen is tolerably safe. The insurrection was considered of suffi- eient importance to render it necessary to inform the Governors of the various provinces, who have been recently appointed, that all -vas quiet at head-quarters. • Sir STKATMED CANNING is stopped on the quarantine-ground, on his road to Madrid. There is a good deal of speculation, but no certain information, as to the object of his journey.