19 JANUARY 1850, Page 18


Tuesday, January 16.

PARTNERSUITS DISSOLVED.-Pike and Lyme, Hammersmith, tailors-T. and J. Inkersole, Matching, Essex, farmers-Ralph and Co. Bolton, cotton-spinners- Booth and Baxter, Haslingdon, brewers-Pierce, Brothers, Liverpool, grocers- Bastard and Speakman, Cheltenham, drapers-Holmer and Martyr, Union Street, Southwark, ironmongers; as far as regards W. Holmer-Boulton and Nowell, Colne, Lancashire, and Nowell, Thornton, Yorkshire, contractors-Ring and Co. Liver- pool, sugar-refiners-Harris and Griffiths, Carmarthen, cabinet-makers-Dennison and Son, Lee Bridge, Halifax, woollen-manufacturers-Murphie and Brown, York, stock-brokers-Weber and Co. London, merchants-Clark and Co. Birmingham, jewellers-Jackson and Pinder, King's Lynn, slate-merchants-Lane and Penny, Chancery Lane, lithographers-Brier and Parker, Castle Street, Saffron Hill, horn- merchants-Musgrove and Collins, Park Street, Camden Town, chemists-Lovatt and Co. Liverpool, brokers-B. and H. Welham, Dias, brieklayers-Newlands and Ayre, Low Elswich, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, farmers-T. and H. Collins, Sandhurst, millers-Taylor and Llewellen, Upper Thames Street, tea-dealers-Bottomley and Co. Bradford, Yorkshire, worsted-spinners ; as far as regards E. Atkinson-H. and N. Stubbs, New Alresford, butchers-West and Co. Leicester, iron-founders ; as far as regards R. and G. Clarke-Lawson and Robertson, Glasgow, tailors.

BANKRUPTS.-Wmmax Las, Rotherhithe, barge-builder, to surrender Jan. 24, Feb. 28: solicitor, Chester, Blackfriars Road ; official assignee, Canaan, Birchin Lane--Jorrarnax Parse, Milton Street, Dorset Square, livery-stable-keeper, Jan. 22, Feb. 26: solicitor, Fuller, Hatton Garden ; official assignee, Groom, Abchurch Lane-BENIAMU, RAWLINGS, Queen's Row, Pimlico, linendraper, Jan. 22, Feb. 21: solicitor, Parker, St. Paul's Churchyard; official assignee, Bell, Coleman Street Buildings-Joax Moamar, Tiverton, cooper, Jan. 24, Feb. 20: solicitor, Stogdon. Exeter ; official assignee, Hernaman, Exeter-Joan EDWAIU) TODELONTER, Darling- ton, bookseller, Jan. 28, Feb. 21: solicitors, Allison, Darlington; Harle, Southamp- ton Buildings, and Newcastle-upon-Tyne ; official assignee, Baker, Newcastle-upon- e-Jous CHARLES NORTH, Stamford, coal-dealer, Jan. 25, March 1 : solicitor, Wratislaw, Rugby; official assignee, Bittleston, Nottingham-VINCENT Coosa, Wor- cester, cabinet-maker, Jan. 29, Feb. 26: solicitor, Reece, Birmingham ; official as- signee, Christie, Birmingham-Jona MUCKLESTONjunior, Shrewsbury, grocer, Jan. 25, Feb. 20 : solicitors, Britten and Sons,Brietol ; 'Wright, Birmingham ; official as- signee, Whitmore, Birmingham-Wraman MUSSES, Askern, Yorkshire, innkeeper, Jan. 29, Feb. 18 : solicitors, Palmer, Doncaster ; Payne and Co. Leeds ; official as- signee, Hope, Leeds-GE0110E OLNEY, Liverpool, passenger-broker, Jan. 28, Feb. 19 : solicitors, Evans and Son, Liverpool; official assignee, Cazenove, Liverpool- 11XNRY Surcurrs and JOSEPH WILLIAM HARRIS, Rochdale, cotton-spinners, Jan. 28, Feb. 15: solicitor, Sutton, Manchester; official assignee, Hobson, Manchester. Drvinanns.—Feb. 8, Reid, Edgeware Road, draper—Feb. 5, Woods and Thomas, Cheapside, hardwaremen—Feb. 1, Worters, Mefferd, Suffolk, malts ter—Feb. 1, Mumford, Great -Maptestes& Essex, miller—Feb. 1, Rainey, Regent Street, estate- agent—Feb. 1, Adamson, Bond Court, Walbrook, merchant—Feb. 1, Minton, Liver- pool, linendraper—Feb. 7, Alexander, Great Winchester Street, merchant—Feb. 7, Bickertonjun. Bread Street, Cheapside, hat-manufacturer—Feb. 7, Morecraft, Marl- borough, draper—Feb. 7, Flemming, Salters' Hall Court, Cannon Street, printer— Feb. 2, Paterson and Co. Kingswinford, Staffordshire, iron-founders—Feb. 8, S. and T. Ross, Leicester, hosiers—Feb. 7, Thompson, Westbromwieh, coach-spring- maker—Feb. 8, Eccles, Walton-le-Dale, cotton-spinner—Feb. 8, Clayton, Langcliffe, Yorkshire, banker.

CERTIFICATES.—Th be granted, unless cause be shown to the contrary, on the day of meeting.—Feb. 6, Tuhey, Willow Walk, builder—Feb. 6, Capua, Duke's Place, Aid- gate, fruit-merchant—I eb. 7, Bray, Portsea, trader—Feb. 7, Millard, Steeple Ashton, grocer—Feb. 6, Tapson, Cardiff, coal-agent—Feb. 7, Hicks, West Derby, cattle- dealer—Feb. 7, Chapman, Liverpool, victualler.

DECLARATIONS OP DIVIDENDS.—Thorold, Harrington, Lincolnshire ; first div. of Is. any Thursday; Pennell, Guildhall Chambers—Joyce, Warwick Lane, corn-dealer ; second div. of Is. 4d. any Thursday ; Pennell, Guildhall Chambers—Bessell, Far- ringdon Street, glass-cutter; first div. of 2s. 6d.. any Thursday ; Pennell, Guildhall Chambers—Stopford, Austinfriars, merchant; second div. of 28. any Thursday ; Pennell, Guildhall Chambers—Walters, Union Street, Southwark, bottle-merchant; third div. of lid. any Thursday ; Pennell, Guildhall Chambers—Wetton, Crown Bow, Mile End Road, flour-factor; first div. of 2d. any Thursday.; Pennell, Guild- hall Chambers—Goring, Brentford, butcher ; first div. of 4s. 9d. any Thursday ; Pennell, Guildhall Chambers—Smith and Co. New Inn, Old Bailey, railway-carriers ; first div. of Is. 10d. (on separate estate,) any Thursday; Pennell, Guildhall Cham- bers—Leon, Rathbone Place, tailor; first div. of 28. 6d. any Thursday ; Pennell, Guildhall Chambers--Garrood, Thornham Magna, Suffolk, grocer; first div. of Is. 3d. any Thursday ; Pennell, Guildhall Chambers—Williams, Hampstead Road, builder; first div. of Is. 4d. any Thursday ; Pennell, Guildhall Chambers—Atkins, Finsbury Square, merchant ; further div. of V. (towards first and second diva. of 9d. and 7d.); any Thursday ; Pennell, Guildhall Chambers—Ufford, Is brewer ; second div. of lid. any Thursday ; Pennell, Guildhall Chambers—Inite, Bishop- wearmouth, shipowner ; first div. of 7d. Jan. 19, or any subsequent Saturday ; Wakley, Newcastle-upon-Tyne—Fenwick end Kidd, Tynemouth, brewers.; first dry. of 2s. Td. on the separate estate of each, Jan. 19, or any subsequent Saturday ; Wakley, Newcastle-upon-Tyne—Clementson, "Whitehaven, tobacconist ; first div. of 7s. Jan. 19, or any subsequent Saturday ; Wakley, Newcastle-upon-Tyne—Harrison, Friars Goose, Gateshead, alkali-manufacturer ; div. of Is. (in part of-first and second diva. of Ss. and 4s.previously declared,) J. 19, or any subsequent Saturday ; Wakley, Blackburn, bookseller ; first div. of 4s. li d. any

Tuesday ; Hobson, Manchester—Dodd, Manchester, fustian-manufacturer ; first div. of 2a. 6id. any Tuesday; Hobson, Manchester—North, York, jeweller ; first div. of 4s. 3d. any Tuesday ; Hope, Leeds.

Scores SEQUESTRATIONS.—Todd, Glasgow, blacksmith, Jan. 17, Feb. 7—Baird, Laurieston, Glasgow, baker, Jan. 22, Feb. 12.

Friday, January 18.

PArenvinistrres DISSOLVED.—Dempsey and Houlgate, York, engravers—Roberts and Whitley, Monmouth, builders—Harris and Co. Fenchurch Street, surgeons ; as far as regards S. Harris—Walker and Garbutt, Gateshead, builders—Hunt and Gale, Leicester, tailors—Clint and Co. Liverpool, merchants—Glover and Allen, South Shields, bootmakers—Longton and Co. Liverpool, ship-brokers ; as far as regards A. Morrison—Ransoms and Co. Ardsick, and Swire and Co. Manchester, coal-mer- chants; as far as regards G. J. Clough—Lawton and Beaumont, Manchester, fus- tian-manufacturers—Cross and Taylor, Liverpool, ship-brokors—Brown and Turner, Lenton, Nottinghamshire, machine-holders—Tidd and Co.; as far as regards M. Dunstone—Marsh and Duckle, Kirton-in-Lindsey, Blyton, coal-merchants—Hop- kins and Co. Castle Street East, Oxford Street, window-blind-makers--W. Hopkins and Son, Birmingham, window-blind-manufacturers—Hyrons and Phillips, John Street, Tottenham Court Road, pianoforte-manufacturers—Watson and Yelloly, surgeons—Peile and Co. Whitehaven, ironmongers—Price and Co. Gloucester, tiro- ber-merehants—Sewells and Co. Newport, Isle of Wight. attornies—Whitley and Sons, Halifax, card-makers ; as far as regards Joseph Whitley—Molledown and Kreienborg, Nag's Head Court, King William Street, importers of butter—Bolt and Son, Bath, straw-bonnet-dealers—M'Clymont and Torrance, Glasgow, grocers ; as far as regard J. Torrance.

Bswartrercuts ANNIILLED.—JosEru Fox, North Street, Bethnal Green, timber- merchant--Francis TEALE, Leyton, brewer.

BANICRIIPTS.—EDWARD Drxost, Gravesend, oilman, to surrender Jan. 24, Feb. 28 : solicitors, Wilkinson and,Co. Nicholas Lane ; official assignee, Whitmore, Basing- hall St.--SAsteer, SUTTON, Old Bailey, hardwareman, Jan. 25, Feb. 28: solicitor, Fed- dell, Cheapside; official assignee, Whitmore, Basinghall St.—GEORGE STONE, Colches- ter, grocer, Jan. 30, March 1 : solicitors, Bull, Ely Place ; Abell, Colchester ; official assignee, Stansfeld, Basinghall Street—Naisox JOHN HOLLOWAY, Minories, clock- manufacturer, Jan. 26, March 2 : solicitors, 11 inklaters, Charlotte Row, Mansion House; official assignee, Pennell, Guildhall Chambers—Jon:4 SEWELL Gowns, Swaff- ham, bookseller, Jan. 28, Feb. 23: solicitors, Stretton, Southampton Buildings ; Drake, Dereham; official assignee, Pennell, Guildhall Chambers—Cusiums WOOD, Ditchelin. g, Sussex, butcher, Feb. 1, March 1: solicitors, Palmer and Co. Bedford Row ; Auckland, Lewes; official assignee, Groom, Abchurch Lane—Bs:luau:Ls Jet"- FERIES, Worcester, boat-builder, Jan. 24, Feb. 26: solicitors, Bedford and Pidcock, Worcester ; Smith and James, Birmingham ; official assignee, Valpy, Birmingham— JESSE Hirrox and JONATHAN FisHER, Foleshill, Warwickshire, silk-manufacturers, Jan. 29, Feb. 26: solicitors, Jackson, Coventry ; Moller= and Co. Birmingham ; official assignee, Valpy, Birmingham—EDWARD "'RATTAN, Northwich, cabinet- maker, Jan. 28, Feb. 25: solicitors, Holland and Green, Northwich; official assignee, Morgan, Liverpool—Joint Enwenns, Manchester, manufacturer, Feb. 1, 28 : solici- tors, Claye and Co. Manchester ; official assignee, Hobson, Manchester.

Drvnimcns.—Feb. 8, Butler, Portsea Place, Edward Road, stationer—Feb. 8, Spalding, Cambridge, brazier—Feb. 8, Alison and Co. New Broad Street, merchants —Feb. 11, Fryer, Little Love Lane, stay-manufacturer—Feb.8, Parrish, High Street, Newington, draper—Feb. 9, Withers, Bristol, linendraper—Feb. 8, Robinson, Wel- beck Street, Cavendish Square, commission-agent—Feb. 15, West, Fleet Street, medicine-vendor—Feb. 15, Garland, North Shields, tailor—Feb. 12, Buddle, Iron- gate Wharf, Paddington, timber-merchant—Feb. 12, Wilson, Tavistock Place, apothecary—Feb. 12, J. and W. Womersley, Clayton, Bradford, delvers—Feb. 12, Yates, Leeds, veterinary-surgeon—Feb. 18, Davies junior, Llanely, Carmarthen- shire, linendraper—Feb. 15, Year and Coward, Bath, upholsterers—Feb. 11, Kcevil junior, Bristol, draper—Feb. 15, Sier, Cheltenham, baker—Feb. 12, Reamer, West Derby, Lancashire, joiner—Feb. 12, Davies, Liverpool, bookseller.

CRaTirscsints.—To be granted, unless cause be shown to the contrary, on the day of meeting.—Feb. 12, Sparrow, Oxford, draper—Feb. 12, Thompson, Piccadilly, linen- draper—Feb. 11, Yorke, Cambridge, upholsterer—Feb. 9, Newton, Ashton-under- Lyne, innkeeper—Feb. II, Colville, Liverpool, commission-agent—March 14, Bolt, Plymouth, wine-merchant.

DECLARATIONS or DIVIDENDS.—Peak, Liverpool, draper ; first div. of 10d. Jan. 21, or any subsequent Monday ; Bird, Liverpool—Baynes, Liverpool, baker; first div. of Is. 9d. Jan. 21, or any subsequent Monday; Bird, Liverpool—Hipkins, Egremont, commission-merchant; second die, of id. Jan. 21, or any subsequent Monday; Bird, Liverpool—Miller, Liverpool, saddler; first div. of lid. Jan. 21, or any subsequent Monday; Bird, Liverpool—Cecil and Co. Liverpool, merchants ; div. of id. Jan. 21, or any subsequent Monday ; Bird, Liverpool—Turner and Co. Liverpool, merchants ; fourth div. of id. Jan. 21, or any subsequent Monday ; Bird, Liverpool—Drinkwater, Liverpool, draper; second div. of 20. Jan. 21, or any subsequent Monday; Bird, Liverpool—Bonny, Liverpool, tailor ; second div. of lid. Jan. 21, or any subsequent Monday; Bird, Liverpool—Owen, Manchester, tailor ; first div. of ls. 3d. Jan. 29, or any subsequent Tuesday ; Pott, Manchester—Brown and Urquhart, Manchester, carpet-warehousemen; first div. of 38. lOid. Jan. 22, or any subsequent Tuesday; Pott, Manchester—Burton, Ranelagh Wharf, Pimlico, coal-merchant ; first and final div. of Is. 10d. Jan. 19, and three subsequent Saturdays ; Groom, Abchurch Lane- Carlile, Little Love Lane, 'Wood Street, commission-agent ; first and final div. of 6ild. Jan, 19, and three subsequent Saturdays; Groom, Abchurch Lane—Brown, Bed Lion Street, Whitechapel, plumber; first and final div. of 41c1. Jan. 19, and three subsequent Saturdays ; Groom, Abchurch Lane—Mathew, Carshalton, linendraper ; second div. of 64d. Jan. 19, and three subsequent Saturdays ; Groom, Abchurch Lane.

SCOTCH firriersraartoxs.—Cumming, Galashiels, merchant, Jan. 24, Feb. 14— Greenshields, Lanark, innkeeper, Jan. 25, Feb. 15—Flockhart, Alloa, grocer, Jan. 24, Feb. 14—Sinclair, Inverary, innkeeper, Jan. 23, Feb. 13—Baird, Milngavie, wright, Jan. 24, Feb. 21—Mackay, Pulteneytown, Caithness-shire, leather-merchant, Jan. 23, Feb. 18—Boyd, Inehyra, Perthshire, wood-merchant, Jan. 26, Feb. 23.