19 JANUARY 1850, Page 18


Ai:miasma% Jan. 14.-The following promotions have this day taken place cease. quent on the death of Admiral of the Blue A. W. Schomberg Vice-Admiral of the Bed J. Carthew to be Admiral of the Blue ; Vice-Admiral of the White J. Wight to be Vice-Admiral of the Red ; Vice-Admiral of the Blue R. Thomas to be Vice-Admiral of the White ; Rear-Admiral of the Bed Sir T. J. Cochrane, to be Vice-Admiral of the Blue ; Bear-Admiral of the White J. M. Gordon to be Rear- Admiral of the Red ; Rear-Admiral of the Blue P. J. Douglas to be Rear-Admiral of the White ; Capt. Sir E. Lyons, Bart. G.C.B. K.C.H. to be Rear-Admiral of the Blue. Retired Capt. the Bight Hon. Kenelm Lord Somerville has also been promoted to be a Retired Rear-Admiral on the terms stated in the London Gazette of the 1st Sep- tember 1846, but without increase of pay.