19 JULY 1851, Page 12



The English Stock Market has continued without animation throughout the week. The closing price of Consols for Money is this afternoon 961 1, and for Account 9644. Money is still very abundant, and the rate of dis- count continues the same. On Tuesday there was an extraordinary demand for it, in consequence of the large number of Railway debentures falling due on the 15th. The Companies were in a state of uncertainty as to whether the holders would renew them or demand to be paid off; they were con- sequently obliged to be prepared with funds. The pressure, however, was but temporary, and it has entirely ceased with the occasion. The books of all the Stocks upon which the dividends have been recently paid are now open.

In the Foreign Market, the dealings in Sardinian Scrip have been unim- portant. It has fluctuated from 1 discount to par, and closes this afternoon about 1 discount. Among the reports current, is one of an Austrian loan, now about to be contracted for in Vienna ; where it is understood that Baron Rothschild of Paris has proceeded with a view to this operation. The price is stated to be about 80; but the nominal amount of the loan is not known. It is understood that the Bonds will not be brought forward in this market. Russian Four-and-a-half per Cent Stock is again firmer ; the price having reached 101 today. The demand for France, which had been suspended, seems to be again revived. The Danish and other Northern European Stocks continue the same. The transactions in Mexican Stock have been insigni- ficant. The dividend due upon it on the 1st July last is now in course of payment, at the rate of 3 instead of 5 per cent per annum, at the Mexican Agency in Winchester Street ; where the Coupons must be left on Tuesdays or Fridays, and are paid ten days afterwards. The Share Market has continued to decline almost daily. Every kind of Share is very heavy this afternoon. The period is approaching for the de- claration of dividends upon the half-year just ended; and as it is generally believed that in most cases the amount declared will not exceed (if it be equal to) that paid for the half-year ending in December hist, the extravagant visions of speculation have ended in a very dull reality. North-western, Brighton, and South-western, are exceptions to the general rule ; the prices of these having been well supported or improved. On the Lancashire and Yorkshire, however, the decline has been about 31., and on the Midland nearly 51. per shiire. The minor Shares are all generally lower. The trans- actions inF'rench Shares have been unimportant, and the fluctuations insig- nificant, in consequence of the tranquil state of the market in Paris.


The English Stocks opened at a depression of 1 upon the closing price of yesterday, the first price of Consols for Money being 961 4, and for Account 961 1. The market continues heavy at the opening price. There is no change of importance in the Foreign Market, where the prices are nominally the following being fite p c transnelidna—Igrettl , 164 4; iar rket ll tis sti heayy„ "qes lower ;

the same as yesterday.. ,The

-Great Western, 83; lliidland; 374; flitto 501., 131; York, Nwdnatle, and -.Berwick, 171. . , . SATURDAY, Two O'CLOCK. The English Funds close at the morning's quotations. The business tran- sacted has been unimportant, and the market heavy throughout the day, . The decline of nearly 200,0001. in the Bank 'return of the amount of bullion . in deposit," and a revival of the demand for silver bullion, are stated as causes for thskdepression. The Foreign Market has continued in an inactive ' state ; the following is the list of bargains actually recorded-LEquador, '84; Mexican, 301 1 4; Russian Four-and-a-half per Cents, 104; Spanish Ac- tive, 204; Passive, 54; Three per Cents, 364; French 'I'hme per Cents, 56 50 ; Exchange 26. We cannot hear of any business in Sardinian Scrip,

which is nominally about 1 discount. .

The Railway Shares are all lower ; the market fir these 'securities being without the slightest sig,n of recovery. The foll3wing are the principal bar- gains recorded—Aberdeen, 91 1 ; Amberga, te, Notts, and Boston, 41 4; Bristol and Exeter, 79; Caledonian, 9; Chester and Holyhead, 15j; Eastern Counties, 6; East Lancashire, 141 4; Great Northern, 164 4; Ditto Half-. shares B 6 per Cent, 124; Great Ni esters, 83 2; Ditto New, 171., 14; Lan- caster and Carlisle Thirds, 81, 1; Lancashire and Yorkshire, 461 .1 ; Ditto Fifths, 21 4 ; Ditto West Rbling Union, 44; London, Brighton, and South Coast, 94 3; London and North-western, 1224 122; Ditto New Quarter- shares, 254 1; London and South-western, 83 2; Midland, 371 364; Ditto 501. Shares, 131 121; North British, 61 1; North Staffordshire, 848; South- eastern and Dover, 211 21; York, Newcastle, and Berwick, 174; York and North Midland, 174 4; Boulogne and Amiens, 104; East Indian, 181 ex mt.; Namur and Liege, 64; Northern of France, 141 ex int.; Orleans and Bordeaux, 41 ex int ; Paris and Strasbourg, 101; Tours and Nantes, 61; St. John iel Rey, 19.

3 per Cent Consols 961 a Danish 3 per Cents.... ..... 76 7 Ditto for Account 964 Dutch 21 per Cents 41 1 • 3 per Cent Reduced 971 a Ditto 4 per Cents

31 per Cents 984 a Mexican 5 per Cents 1846 .. 301 a Long Annuities ;a 7-16 Peruvian 6 per Cents 89 90 Bank Stock 213 15 Portuguese 4 per Cents 1842. 331 41

Exchequer Bills 51 4 pm.' Portuguese 5 per Cents 1824. 85 87 India Stock 262 3 i Russian 5 per Cents 112 14 Brazilian 5 per Cents 89 91 i Ditto 44 per Cents 1001 101 Belgian 41 per Cents 92 4 i Spanish (Active) 5 per Cents. 201 1/ Chilian 6 per Cents 103 5 i Ditto 3 per Cents 1842 381 i Danish 5 per Cents 1031 41 Venezuela 31 3


An Account, pursuant to the Act 7th and 8th Victoria, cap. 32, for the week ending an Saturday, the 12th day of July 1851.

Notes issued


£27,430,155 Government Debt £11.015,100 Other Securities 2,984,900 Gold Coin and Bullion 13,416,780

Silver Bullion 93,375

£27,450,155 £27,450,155 •


Proprietors' Capital Z14,553,000 Rest 3,192,194 Public Deposit.. 4,319,348 Other Deposits 10,445,1130 Seven Day and otberEtIls 1,175,014 Government Securities (in- cludingDead WeightAnnuityl £13,464,031 Other 8ecuritMs 12,389.725 Notoa 7,259,180 Gold and Silver Coln 567,500 £33,680,424 £33,680,426

• Including Exchequer, Savings-lhorks, Commissioners of National Debts -dc Dividend Accts.