19 JULY 1851, Page 21


PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED.-Franklin and Woodrow, Princes Street, Ilanover Square, tailors-Pearce and Burrows, Banner Street, Bunhill Row, silversmiths- Hooper and Wilson, Hereford, grocers-Parker and Heine. WrIbeek Street, Caven- dish Square, milliners-Moore and Tatum, New Sarum, Wiltshire, surgeons-Dean and Aspinall, Ashton-under-Lyne, grocers -Levick and Co. Nottingham, lace-manu- facturers-Critchley and Searle, Liverpool, vinegar-makers-J. and 0. B. Watton, Shrewsbury, booksellers-Cookson and Reid, Liverpool, flour-dealers-CoHinson and ;Mame, Burslem, Staffordshire, mercers -It. and R. Matthews, Muslim, Devonshire, paper-makers-Newall and Co. Liverpool, and Whitehead and Co. Zaca- tecas, Mexico, merchants; as far as regards C. and G. S. Whitehead-Jamieson and Co. Calcutta, and Jamieson and Co. Canton; as far as regards J. F. Edger.

BANKRuers.-WILLIAM AMEN', Hanwell, market-gardener, to surrender July 23, Aug. 28 : solicitors, Poole and Gamlen, Gray's Inn ; Riches and Woodbridge, Ux- bridge; official assignee, Cannan, Birchin Lane-IIENRy GEORGE HARRISON, King's Road, baton Old Town, wheelwright, July 22, Aug. 23: solicitors, May and Sweetland, Queen's Square, Bloomsbury; official assignee, Stansfeld, Basingliall Street-ROBERT DAVID MEncEn, Church Passage, Bishopspte Street Without, silk-merchant, July 19, Aug. 30: solicitors, Bridge and Collins, King William Street; official assignee, Nicholeon, Basingliall Street -TuomAs WARD, Stoke Prior, Worcestershire, coal-merchant. Aug. 2, 23: solicitors, Chaplin and Co. Birmingham ; official assignee, Christie, Birmingham-JAMES TEECE and THOMAS PEATE, Oswestry, drapers, July 30, Aug. 20 : solicitors, Sale and Co. Manchester; Slotteram and Co. Birmingham ; official assignee, Whitmore, Birmingham-BENJAMIN BAYLis, Glou- cester, woolstapler, July 28, Aug. 25 : solicitors, Lovegrove, Gloucester ; Abbot and Lucas, Bristol; official assignee, Acraman, Bristol-It:mum Bunosse, Llanhilleth, Monmouthshire, iron-founder, July 29, Aug. 21 : solicitor, Bevan, Bristol; official assignee. Miller, Bristol -THOSIA.S EASON WILLIAMS, Exeter, wine-merchant, July 23, Aug. 26: solicitors, Wilde and Co. College Hill, Cheapside ; Junes, Exeter; official assignee, Hirtzel, Exeter-RICIIARD WILLING, Ashburton, miller, July 24, Aug. 20 : solicitors, Geare and Co. Exeter; Stogdon, Exeter ; official as- signee, Ilernarnan, Exeter- Jolts Buser, Llandlaiadr-yn-Mochnant, Denbighshire, draper, July 28, Aug. 18 : solicitors, Hoyle, Llantyllin ; Evans and Son, Liverpool; official assignee. Morgan, Liverpool-ISAAC WAKEFIELD, Liverpool, tea-dealer, July 29, Aug. 18 : solicitors, Evans and Son. Liverpool; official assignee, Morgan, Liver- pool -ROBERT Ilwrox and WILLtAm KAT, Heywood, Lancashire, cotton-spinners, July 25, Aug. 15: solicitors, Worthington and Earle, Manchester ; official assignee, Mackenzie, Manchester-SAMUEL and JOHN JOULE, Macclesfield, riband-inanufactu- rers, July 30, Aug. 2: solicitors, Parrott anti Co. Macclesfield ; official assignee, Pott, Manchester. DiyinENDs.-Aug. 7, Bias, Barbican, brush-maker-Aug. 5, Miles, London, mer- chant-Aug. 5, Peach, Gravesend, discount-broker-Aug. 5, Copland, Union Street, Whttechapel, linen-draper-Aug. G, Farrow, Hull, coal-merchant. CERTIFICATES.-To be granted unless cause be shown to the contrary on the day of meeting.-Aug. 5, Harris, Buckingham, boot-maker-Aug. 5, Jay, Badley, Suffolk, miller-Aug. 7, Taunton, Liverpool, civil-engineer. DEcLARATioNs or DIVIDENDS.-Ratine and Jacques, Hare Street, Bethnal Green, dyers ; final div. of aid. July 17, and three subsequent Thursdays; Stansfeld, Basing- hail Street-Morrison, Fenchureli Street, stationer ; final div. of Sid. July 17, and three subsequent Thursdays ; Stansfeld, Basingliall Street-Williams, Brecon, draper ; second div. of 5d. July 17, and three subsequent Thursdays; Stansfeld, Basingliall Street-Belbin, Beaumont Street, St. Marylebons, coach-matter; first div. of 6i,d. July 17, and three subsequent Thursdays; Stansfeld, Basinghall Street- Collins, Rugby, tailor; second die. of 5.4d. July 17, and three subsequent Thursdays; Stansfeld, Basinghall Street-T. and J. L. Kmtsley, Walsall, tanners ; second div. of 2 11-16d. July 17, and three subsequent Thursdays ; Stansfeld, Basingliall Street- Gough, Altrincham, Cheshire, ironmonger ; second div. of 15. 3d. any Tuesday; Mackenzie, Manchester. Semen SEWESTRATIONS.-Hope, Glasgow. wine-merchant, July 21. Aug. 6- Stewart and Sinclair, Glasgow, wrights,July 17, Aug. 9-Aiexander, Edinburgh, banker, July 22, Aug. 15. Friday, July 18. PARTNERSHIPS DIssoLven.-Keeler and Saville, Sheffield, table-knife-manufac- turers-Joseph and Co. Manchester, eigar-merchants-Cowburn and Batley, Heck- mondwike, Yorkshire, joiners-Adcock and Carter, Bradford, cabinet-makers- Fairhurst and Anthony. Manchester, packers-R. and S. Cartwright, Hodnet, Shropshir , millers-Bell and Marshall, South Shields, merchants-Tyler and Holmes, South Square, Gray's Inn, attornies-Howson and Co. Rishton, Lancashire, cloth- manufacturers-S. and C. Norcliffe, Wakefield, maltsters-Blades and Dearing, Has- tings, butchers-Moles and Taylor, Handsworth, Staffordshire, metal-rollers-Har- rison and Forwood, Liverpool, shipping-agents-Symonds and Co. Manchester, bleachers; as far as regards E. R. Le Mare-Cooke junior and Co. Ashton-under- Lyne, cotton-spinners; as far as regards T. Cooke junior-Crook and Co. Liverpool, commission-agents-Riddle and Lightfoot. Stoke-upon-Trent, manufacturers of china-Howes junior and Co. Palermo, and Howes and Co. Liverpool, commission- merchants-Buxton and Co. Manchester, engravers to calico-printers ; as far as re- gards Holt-The Western Bank of Scotland and the City of Glasgow Bank Com- pany; as far as regards J. Miller-Boyd and Son, Anderston, Glasgow, commission- merchants.

BANKRUPTS.-BANDAT.T. Aenrsjun. Braughing, Hertfordshire, innkeeper, to sur- render July 26, Aug. 30: solicitors, Jenkinson and Co. Clement's Lane ; Richard- son, Much Hadham, Hertfordshire ; official assignee, Stansfeld, Basinghall Street-RicHARD MATry, Paul's Wharf, paper-manufacturer, July 26, Aug. 30: so- licitor, Loughborough, Austinfriars; official assignee, Graham, Coleman Street- litany CHARLES FitosT, Russell Square, boarding-house-keeper, July 26, Aug. 30: solicitor, Steinberg, Bread Street ; official assignee, Graham, Coleman Street -Ro- BEer SUM3IERS, Bath Street, City Road, pawnbroker, Aug. 1, 30: solicitor, Whit- tington, Dean Street, Finsbury Square ; official assignee, Graham, Coleman Street- WILLIAM BRUNSKILL, Paternoster Row, silk-manufacturer, July 25. Aug. 28: soli- citors, Crowder and Maynard, Coleman Street; official assignee, Cannel', Birchin Line-WILLIAM BUCHANAN, Gerard Sheet, picture-dealer, July 29, Aug. 30: soli- citor, Bodman, Bucklersbury ; official assignee, Pennell, Guildhall Chambers-WIL- LIAM HENRY BAnuarr, Gloucester, miller, Aug. 6. 25: solicitor, Bretherton. Glou- cester; official assignee, Miller, Bristol-Jonx WELCH, Nantwich, coach-builder, July 28, Aug. 18: solicitor, Broughton, Nantwich ; official assignee, Cazenove, Li- verpool-Gun:its LF.AN OWENS, Manchester, .woollen-draper. July 29, Aug. 26: so- licitors, Sale and Co. Manchester; official assignee, Fraser, Manchester.

DivinEsms.-Aug. 18, Dyer, Cooper's Row, Tower Hill, wine-merchant-Aug. 9,

Marshall, Plymouth, draper-Aug. 8, Beading, Shepherd's Walk, City Road, vie- titalles -Atig. 8, Jay, Barney, Suffolk, miller-Aug. 15, Wilcock, Nottingham, grocer -Aug. 15, Lee, Loughborough, bookseller-Aug. 14, Hall and Fell, Tynemouth, timber-merchants-Aug. 8, Lax, Darlington, surveyor-Aug. 12, Sayer, Heywood, grocer-Aug. 8, Suker, Birkenhead, earpet-dealer-Aug. 8, Jones, Llainust, Den- bighshire, druggist-Aug. 8, Corner, Liverpool, cotton-broker-Aug. 8, Lowndes and Bateson, Liverpool, brokers-Aug. 8, Dickenson, Liverpool, merchant-Aug. 8, Thomas, Liverpool, merchant. subsequent Tuesday; Pott, Manchester -Simpsom, Manchester, starch-manufac- turer; first div. of 61d. July 29, and any subsequent Tuesday; Pott, Manchester- Maude, Bolton-le-Moors, victualler; first div. of Is. 51d. July 29, and any subsequent Tuesday; Pott, Manchester-J. and G. Lloyd, Brinniisgton, Cheshire, builders ; first div. of 2s. Id. and five-eighths of a penny; and a first die. of 16s. on the separate estate of J. Lloyd, July 17, and every subsequent Thursday ; Lee, Manchester- Hobhouse and Co. Bath, bankers; fifth div. of 4d. to creditors whose names com- mence with A, B, C, or D, July 28; E, F, 0, 11, I, J, or K, July 29; L, Si, N, 0, P. Q, or It. July 30; and S, T, U, V. W, Y. or Z, July 31; at Mr. Mundy's, Bath ; or on August 6, and any Wednesday after Oct. 27; Miller, Bristol- MacLeod, Coleman Street Buildings, merchant ; first div. of lid. Thursday next. and three subsequent Thursdays ; Graham, Coleman Street-Cockburn, New Broad Street, merchant; seventh div. of ljd. Thursday next, and three subsequent Thurs- days; Graham, Coleman Street-Bensusan and Brandon, Walbrook Buildings, mer- chants; first div. of lad. Thursday next, and three subsequent Thursdays; Graham, Coleman Street=k'rench, East Grinstead, plumber ; first div. of eid. Thursday next, and three subse1Nent Thursdays; Graham, Coleman Street-Harrison, New Broad Street, wine-merchant; first div. of 2.W. Thursday next, and three subsequent Thursdays; Graham, Coleman Street-Lloyd, New Oxford Street, hosier; second div. of is. 11d. July 25, and any subsequent Tuesday ; Pennell, Guildhall Chambers -Fulham; first div. of 6d. July 22, and any subsequent Tuesday ; Pennell, Guild- ham Chambers. SCOTCH SEQUESTRATIONS.-Ross, Muirkirk, Ayrshire, brick-maker, July 24, Aug. 21-Jack, Lanark, merchant, July 23, Aug. 13-Jackson and Co. Glasgow, ship agents, July 22, Aug. 19.