19 JULY 1879, Page 24

s c hiner's William Tell. Translated into English Verse, with an Introductory

Essay, by D. C. Campbell. (Williams and Norgate.)— Schiller's great historic name can scarcely win a wider popularity in Germany than that which his genius has long ago achieved for him, but in England he will be more familiarly known, now that his immortal works are so frequently reproduced in translations. It is no easy task, however, even for the most skilful to do justice to the genius of such a man. This work, in some passages, renders fairly well the spirit of the original, but it is unequal in execution. The introduction, which gives an exhaustive analysis of the poem, without touching on the question of its historical foundation, is intended to awaken fresh interest in the minds of those to whom William Tell is but a memory of the schoolroom.