19 JULY 1919, Page 22

Commercial Forestry in Britain. By E. P. Stebbing. (Murray. 6s.

net.)—In this little book Mr. Stebbing, of the Forestry Department in Edinburgh University, sketches the history of our forests, describes the desperate measures which had to be taken when the war threw us upon our own scanty resources of timber, and pleads for a reasoned policy of planting by the State, per- ferably in co-operation with landowners. So much has been said and written about afforestation and so little has been done that it is unwise to expect too much of the new Forestry Bill and the fine programme which it embodies. But if the war has not taught Great Britain that we need to cultivate our woods and develop our forests as other countries do, the lesson will never•learned. Mr. Stabbing puts the-case simply and clearly, and his book ought to arouse interest in the subject.