19 JULY 1919, Page 22

The Scottish Text Society, of Edinburgh, has issued' to its

subscribers two volumes of importance to students of Scottish poetry of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. One contains Pieces • front the Maleculloch and the Gray MSS., with a reprint of the poetic tracts issued by the first Scottish printers, Chepman and Myllar, in or about the year 1908. This volume, the chief pieces in which were obviously inspired by Chaucer, was ad- mirably edited by the late Professor Stevenson, of Toronto, whose early death was a severe loss to British scholarship. The other volume contains the text of The Maitland.•Folio Manuscript, a collection of the poems of Sir Richard Maitland, Dunbar, Henryson, and other Scottish authors, whioh is pre- served in the library of Samuel Pepys 'at Magdalene College, Cambridge. Tbis volume, edited by Professor Craigie, is of greater interest from a literary standpoint, inasmuch as most of its contents are by Dunbar, whose genuine poetic quality shines through the obscurity of his language and spelling.