19 JULY 1919, Page 3

Mr. Bracey the South Wales miners' leader, in reply to

Sir Auckland Geddes, complained that the Government had not asked him and his colleagues to co-operate in improving , the output of coal. The miners, he said,. were patriotic and knew- that more coat was needed. But they wanted naVonalization, and would not welcome- the: introduction of machinery " to produce profits for private individuals." Mr. Brace asked that the increase in the price-of coal should be postponed, and that the mines should be nationalized- forthwith. Mr. Hartshorn contended that: the miners could get more coal if they had-more pit-props, and. Mr. Adamson pleaded for an inquiry into the- matter. In the end Mr. Boner Law offered to-defer the increase in the price if the miners would agree to do their best to produce more coal and not to strike -for three months. Mr. Brace pro,- mised to give a reply by Thursday. Mr. Boner Law -made it clear. that the Government had not come to a decision about Mr. Justice Sankey's Report.