19 JULY 1919, Page 2

The price of coal raised at the pithead was, Sir

Auckland Geddes continued, 108. bid. per ton in 1913 and 26s. 00. to-day.

The share of Labour had rise► from 6e. 4d. to 19s. ; timber, stores, and other expenses had risen from ls. Ild. to 4s. 41d. Royalties per ton had increased • from 514 to et —of which the State now takes a far greater share in Income Tax. On the other hand, the coal-owners' profit, including office expenses and interest, had fallen from Is. 5d. to ls. 2d; a ton. Compensa- tion to owners for working unprofitable pita, the cost of State control, and a small balance made up the present total. Coal was now sold at the pithead for 29s. 3d., and in London for 49s. 6d., a ton, which before the war was sold for 13s. at the pithead and for 27s. in London. The charges for loading and delivery had gone up, but the railway rate of 6s. 4d. a ton had not been increased as it should have been.. The State made up the loss on goods traffic, and thus cheapened coal to the town consumer. But for the profit on the rapidly diminishing export trade, coal.would cost Is. 4d. a tear more than at present.