19 JUNE 1858, Page 11

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Belfast, 11Ih June 1858.

Scat—The importance of the question raised by Captain Vivian'e motion can hardly be overrated. The single objection to the abolition of double go- vernment in the army is that it might increase Parliamentary corruption: but this may be prevented by leaving the patronage and discipline in the. hands of the Commander-in-chief, as at present : reserving to the Minister the power of setting aside the decisions of the Commander-in-chief, with the obligation of stating his reasons in writing.

The 'relation of the Minister of 'War to the Commander-in-chief ought to be precisely that between any Parliamentary Minister and the permanent head of his department. Except that as the army must look to a military man as its commander, the Commander-in-ebief must have a higher osten- sible position and larger powers than the head of a civil department. But the principle of the relation between the Parliamentary Minister and the. permanent staff is the same in all departments : and its civil as well as in- military departments, the patronage ought to be intrusted_ as much as possible to the permanent heads : partly in order to avoid Parliamentary corruption, and partly because it will thus be really better used.