19 JUNE 1858, Page 21


PROM THE LONDON GAZETTE, JUNE 15. Bankruptcy Annulled.-Jszon 'aux nig JON0E, Mark Lane, merchant. Bankrupts.-ROBERT CUMBERLAND, Addle Street, fancy-goods-manufacturer- CILUttrs GeRlIcE, Guildford, imnmonger-Tnomas ROLFE, Regent Street, piano- forte-manufacturer -JOAN Cowan, Newcastle-under-Lyme, travelling-draper - GEORGE HUBBARD RnalINOTON, Wymondham, Leicestershire, grocer-Jowl Loot- woon, Kirkheaton, cloth-manufacturer-Joan Wn.LrAir HoLnEarrEss, Hull, timber- raerchant-ROSERT EDWARDS, Mold, Flintshire, joiner-Joins WALL, Southport, Lancashire, carpenter. Scotch Seguestrations.-Rtoo and Co. New Curnnock, coal-masters-WEBB, Fort William, Inverness-Cultism, Aberdeen, grocer -GALLOWAY. Glasgow, mason- CAMPBELL, Glasgow, provision-merchant-D. and W. Sanyr, Edinburgh, grocers.

FROM THE LONDON GAZETTE, JUNE 18. Bankrupts.-WrImmo Covens, Manchester, commission-agent-WrtLum FAUNS- LEROY STREET, Austin Friars, insurance-broker-WILLtsm PARROT, Lisle Street, Leicester Square, boot-maker-Josesa ALFRED BERGER, Queen's Head Passage, Newgate Street, bookseller-Jorrn MoREwoon, Atherstone, Warwick, grocer-Joasr °vaunt Serum Halifax, dealer in small wares-THOMAS JOSEFR CiAattsos, Liver- pool, victualler-Jamas GREENHALGH, High Street, Bow, gas-fitter-GEORGE HUB- SAIID Encianorrox, Wymondham, grocer-BEszaarx ROWLEy. Wakefield, corn- factor-Eowsan Beiticositaw and Wn.L13.21 HUDSON, Knaresborough, corneas- FRAncts HmottY MAIR and RoBEAT Hanar Mant, Henrietta Street, Covent Garden, publishers-Joan ETRIDGE Warm-max and MARY Manua., Roker, Sunderland, um-keepers-AIX.XaNDEtt Ww...-rwonya LAIDLAW, Bury Court, St. Mary Axe, dealer in cigars. Scotch Sequestrations.-Kuto and HENDERSON. Dalziel and Glasgow, coal- masters-GRASSICK, Stmthdon, Aberdeenshire, farmer-FLEsaleoroar, Glasgow, merchant-M`RaE, Elgin, coach-builder-Corns, Windmillbrae of Aberdeen, grocer-C=1mm*, Glasgow and Greenock, ship-broker-Duen, Yetholin, Rex- burghshire, merchant-CesaucasEL, Halfway of Irvine, engineer.