19 JUNE 1858, Page 7


The Orange journals of Ireland continue to show extreme dissatisfac- tion at the Derby Government for their peculiar policy of conciliation ; remarking with asperity that Mr. Cecil Moore, grand secretary of the Tyrone Orange Lodge, has just been appointed sessional Crown prosecutor for the county of Tyrone, while Mr. Francis Maguire is at the same time offered a seat on the magisterial bench. Mr. Moore was appointed, Mr. Whiteside said, without any inquiry having been instituted into his poli- ties or religion. This is stigmatized as a compromise of principle. Mr. Robinson, a relation of Mr. Whiteside's and registered proprietor of the Dublin Daily Express has, it is reported, been appointed Assistant- Registrar of the Court of bhaneery.

• The long-looked for advent of a line of mail steamers from Galway to New York is now come to pass. The Indian Empire, the first of a squadron, entered Galway Bay on Tuesday.

One of the Belfast tea-fraud prosecutions, "the Attorney-General v. Wallace," was tried in Dublin on Monday. The Jury gave a verdict for Mr. Wallace without calling upon him to offer any defence.