19 JUNE 1926, Page 1

Let us look at the facts. The Royal Commission Report

holds the field. We have felt strongly all the time that- the Report must be used. It would be the last word in folly to throw it away after such a heavy price has been paid for it and so much ability and labour have been expended' upon it. Mr. Baldwin was only stating a truism when he said repeatedly that the carrying out of the recommendations in the Report depended upon agreement between the owners and the miners. Nobody can force two sets of people to work • together if they do not want to do so. But it did seem to us that if the Government earnestly intended to use • the Report they ought to do what Mr. Asquith did in .1912 and get on with the legislation which would be necessary. Mr. Asquith's method was entirely successful. While he was waiting for the disputants to agree he legislated and by the time the Act was ready both sides were glad to accept it.