19 JUNE 1926, Page 11

I observe that the Cunard Steamship Company has taken the

front page of the Daily Mail to advertise its • cheap four weeks' tour of 6,000 miles to Canada and the United States and back for £.85 ; an additional sum of £2 14s. is required for the railway journey to Niagara. It is to be hoped that the British Public will avail them- selves of this opportunity of visiting- North • America at such small cost. There are few more delightful places for a 'holiday in the summer months than among the pine forests, the lakes and mountains of Eastern Canada and the New England States. British visitors who are going to America for the first time would be well advised, however, not to spend too much time during the summer months in the big cities, as they will find the heat trying and they should take plenty of light clothing. But if they go suitably prepared they will have one of the most enjoyable holidays of their lives. * * * *