19 JUNE 1926, Page 12

We are frequently told that city-dwellers are not required in

the Dominions and that we must keep our townfolk at home. Doubtless the British farmer who goes overseas has an advantage at the outset, for he understands how to harness a horse, he knows all about harvesting, crop rotation and so on ; but granted the will to work, I believe that any city-dweller after a year's local experience can succeed on the land. In • Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa I have met many successful farmers who came from our big cities. • Only this week I had a letter from a farmer in Manitoba who writes : " I might say that it seems to me a very mistaken idea that only countrymen make good settlers. Thousands of young men, and women also, now stuck on office-stools, would do well here if they had the love of an out-of-door life in their blood. But no idlers need apply."