19 JUNE 1926, Page 14


[To the Editor of the SPECTATOR.]

Snt,—In your issue of June 12 I notice the following words : `4: Objections were raised by three non-permanent members, Poland, Spain and Brazil, who said they would oppose Germany's entry."

Please correct this misstatement. Spain has consistently declared at Geneva that she would not oppose Germany's entry as a permanent member of the Council of the League of Nations. The correctness of her attitude and procedure is recognized by all the members of the League, including those who do not agree with her aims.

She has again shown her wish not to uselessly obstruct the work of the League by ratifying Art:- IV of the new-regulations for the election of- non-permanent members at the very moment that the restriction to a certain group of Powers of - the permanent seats on the Council deprives her of any reason • for further interest in- the future of the League itself.=I

Embajada de Espai.a en. Londres. • June 12th.

- [We should strictly have said that Poland, Spain and Brazil by their attitude last March in effect prevented Germany from entering the Council—En. Spectator.]