19 JUNE 1926, Page 17


—As you were so kind last year to allow me to write in your paper as to the Ball which was held in Hyde Park Hotel in aid of the Fund for the British Empire Cancer Campaign, I am venturing to ask you again to let me say a few words. I think the Ball helped to awake the interest of the public in this great campaign, and also enabled us to send it on its way rejoicing with £1,210. This campaign is so essential to the whole world, especially it seems to me, that to leave such is fearful heritage to the children of to-day, and to those who are to come, without doing our utmost to help to find a cure for this dire disease would be incredible. I therefore beg of your readers to help, either by coming to the Midsummer Ball, to be held on June 22nd at the Hyde Park Hotel, or by sending me donations, which I shall so gratefully receive.-1 am, Sir,