19 JUNE 1926, Page 19


TOE British public is extraordinarily faithful to its favourites. We notice from our review copy of Mezzanine (Cassell, 7s. 6d.), Mr. Benson's latest novel, that it is already in its second impression. We wish Mr. Benson would give us another " thriller " like The Blotting Book or The Luck of the Valk, but no doubt he knows his own business and his own public. This is a story in the quiet Bensonian manner, with charming descriptions of cultured people, attractive scenery and inti- mate, vivid glimpses into feminine psychology. There are no jolts and jars in Mezzanine ; it is a powerful, graceful story about the married life of a woman much older than her husband, who sees his affection for her wane ; but in the end she brings him back to her. It is all told with uncanny insight into the minds of men and women, and . very beautifully. Our vitiated reviewer's taste would have liked a Dodo, or at

least a fast duchess, but none the less we are more than content.