19 JUNE 1926, Page 27

CONFIRMATION INSTRUCTIONS. By the Rev. Charles . Paterson Smyth, M.A.

(Hodder and Stoughton. 2s. (id. net.)

Tan Rev. Charles Paterson Smyth is not the Archdeacon of that name who has won fame and affection by How We Got Our Bible and The People's Life of Christ. But the book has been submitted to him, and the author acknowledges his help in the preParation. The Archdeacon has won by his simplicity, and the younger author has the same quality which he never loses when dealing with the many phrases of the Catechism which must seem archaic to young people preparing for Confirmation. Mr. Smyth is not concerned with controversial questions. His success may be judged by the way he deals with such subjects as swearing, -lying and impurity. His sincerity and entire absence of officiousness have helped him to write wisely on subjects that many will not take the trouble to handle.