19 JUNE 1926, Page 3

Even so, it is not so easy to decide what

course the Government ought to pursue as some people assume. Irishmen in America supported sedition in Ireland for many years, and we do not remember that the Govern- ment ever protested to Washington, or suggested that the American Government knew anything about it. All the same, the conduct of the Soviet Government in stirring up strife in other countries, as it undoubtedly does, and in the same breath professing innocence, is both mischievous and odious. We must protect ourselves wherever we wisely and justly can. Without flying into heroics and letting our strength appear as weakness and our confidence as panic, we must make the Soviet Government plainly aware that we do not tolerate veiled interference, and that those who make themselves a nuisance are likely to inflict more inconvenience upon their own people than upon us. * * * *