19 JUNE 1926, Page 3

The fiasco of the Test Match has strengthened the demand

that the matches with Australia should not be limited to three days' play. We sympathize with the demand. There is likely to be little testing if each match —except the last, which will be played out—is to be limited to three days. The Australians naturally feel that they have come too great a distance to play Tests which are not tests. On the other hand the difficulty of fitting in un- limited Test Matches with county cricket is a real one. Could there not be a compromise ? Why not four days' play ? There is much to be said for a time limit of some sort in all except the last match (which might, of course, be the deciding match), because time is of the essence of the contract in reasonable cricket. To win within a certain time requires judgment and tactics which are a glorious part of cricket. Very slow batting-is one of our curses and unlimited time encourages it.

* * * *