19 JUNE 1964, Page 13

ftwi Letters A Task for Youth Sir John Foster, QC,


Humphry Berkeley, MP, Lord &Wel, MP

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A Special Correspondent A TASK FOR YOUTH

SIR,—We would like to support Mr. Steen's appeal in his letter in last week's issue. All over the country there are instances of young persons under- taking voluntary work for the aged, the lonely, and the sick, but these organisations are small and uncoordinated. Mr. Steen's movement is gaining momentum. The Ministry of Education has promised him a small grant if his inchoate organisa- tion is constituted a legal entity with a name. We hope this money will be supplemented by grants from the private sector. In the meantime, the number of 'jobs' in London required to be done for the old is disclosed to be ever increasing as the local authorities discover that Mr. Steen can pro- duce the young persons to do the work.

We feel that an organisation able to allocate useful work for the aged will appeal powerfully to the young who have this superabundance of energy, sometimes misdirected, and certainly not sufficiently used. On June 22, there will be an Adjournment Debate in the House of Commons on the question of help by the young to the elderly. This debate will be specially related to Mr. Steen's remarkable, and hitherto unsponsored, success and the Govern- ment will be urged to expand the movement and make a stirring appeal to the young. Such action will accomplish much towards a solution of the problems of juvenile anti-social behaviour.