19 JUNE 1964, Page 6

Frankly Speaking


The really important thing is to speak frankly. toughly, if need be, and not to blur issues by diplo- matic obscurities or by slogans.—MR. HAROLD WILSON.

What splendid fun it is to hear

That Wilson will make all things clear

And that henceforth, strong, plain and rough, Frank and perhaps, if need be, tough,

He'll tell from every point of view Exactly what he means to do.

No more need we in doubt surmise What he intends to nationalise.

No longer linger in suspense To know his plans about defence, And all the world will hear explained If Resale Prices be maintained, If overseas investments should Be thought an evil or a good.

Though diplomats may be obscure And slogans neither safe nor sure, Yet Mr. Wilson has averred Issues shall be no longer blurred And by the echoing benches carolled

No single song but 'Vote for Harold.'