19 MARCH 1904, Page 3

We are delighted to note that the Daily Chronicle, whose

leading articles during the present crisis have been marked by a high sense of responsibility, as well as by political insight and good sense, has spoken out boldly on the question of the duty of the Liberals towards the Free-trade Unionists,—and by Free-trade Unionists we mean those Members who have shown themselves willing to make sacrifices for the cause of Free-trade, and have not been merely content to make Free-trade speeches while voting with the Government. We must quote the Daily Chronicle's own words :—" Any member or candidate who definitely and positively pledges himself against that policy is, on the main issue now before the country, not a supporter of the Govern- ment. Therefore, Unionist Free Traders who have given pledges of their sincerity and courage in this matter should, as Lord Rosebery urged, receive the most friendly treatment from Liberals. Our immediate business, it should be remem- bered, is to defeat the Government; if we fail to defeat them on the main issue, we fail in everything. All the omens are most favourable, but we must not forget that a great many seats have to be won, and that in order to kill, and not merely scotch, the Protectionist evil, a sweeping victory at the polls will be necessary. The question in each constituency should be therefore: How can this seat best be won, or kept, for Free Trade F" After expressing satisfaction with the action taken by the Liberals in North Wilts, but noting also the difficulties that arise in individual cases, the Daily Chronicle again insists that after all, the main issue is Protection or THE SPECTATOR. A 39