19 MARCH 1943, Page 12

SIR,—I had read with consternation Mr. Yevtich's letter in last

week's Spectator, being reluctant to believe that any member of the Yugoslav Government could have authorised one of its officials to make so unwarranted an attack upon Dr. Matchek and the Croat people. I was correspondingly relieved when the proper authorities—entirely on their own initiative—sent me the very explicit disavowal which you are printing above.

In view of this, I desist from polemics, merely quoting a single instance of Mr. Yevtich's inaccuracies and distortions. He blames Dr. Matchek for doing nothing to encourage the Croat troops to resist: he quotes one phrase of Matchek's brief radio speech, and omits the other phrase—" I ask of you complete discipline everywhere, whether in the army or at home."

I am sure that all friends of Yugoslavia will join me in welcoming Dr. Vilder's assurance that the Yugoslav Government favours a coalition of all fighting forces against the Axis.—I am, Sir, &c.,