19 MARCH 1943, Page 13


Sot,—" Janus " is usually interesting and often provocative. On March 5th he contrived to suggest, without saying it, that the British Broadcasting Corporation on March and at 9 p.m. used some such phrase as " These ' cookies' are being made in quantities which more than satisfy even Nazi appetites."

:e In 1940 London endured fifty-seven successive nights of heavy bomb- • ing. Some of us are more sobered by the damage which Germans have inflicted on other people than by any damage which can be inflicted on rs Germans. I lost a brother, the nearest to me in age, killed in action in t918. The only son of that brother was killed flying in 1939. That is nothing unusual: on the contrary, the same sort of thing has happened d to nearly everybody here, and in all countries adjacent to Germany. Why were those friends of ours robbed of the work and the play which longer life would have given to them? Simply to amuse the Germans.

n There was no other reason. The Germans had no reason to begin kill- ing ths Poles in September, 1939: they had only an uncontrollable le appetite for dropping murderous " cookies " on their neighbours. The of Germans have asked for what they are getting, and then some.—I am, Sir, [" Janus " writes: " I neither said nor suggested that the B.B.C. had talked about 'cookies.' I indeed wrote explicitly ' when I read in Wednes- day's papers some observations by Mr. Duncan Sandys, M.P., to the 'is effect that these cookies . . . &c.' "]