19 MARCH 1965, Page 15

SIR,--In spite of the editorial remark that follows it, I

strongly support the letter by Mr. Goidden in last week's Spectator. If Miss Gainham or Dr: Hellen will take a stand on the principle that we must not hate anybody and must love even our enemies, I should agree that it is a good idea; but love is not the same as trust, and we should not trust even a well-loved child with a loaded gun or a motor-car. Within the memory of many of us, Germany has started two great wars; it is wrong to say that it must happen again and it is still less justifiable to say that it cannot happen again; it is most dangerous of all to forget that it ever did happen. History has its lessons and they should not be ignored. Little is gained by pretending to forget them except on the personal level.

Gardinia, Crocherford Road, Dumfries