19 MARCH 1965, Page 16

Afterthought SIR,—'Not to worry,' Alan Brien! Human nature is infinitely

accommodating. At forty I knew I should be 'in the sere and yellow leaf.' At forty-one I had postponed the idea until fifty, then comfortably nine years ahead. At fifty I changed my 'sit up and beg' cycle for a light roadster with narrow tyres and flat handlebars, and the years—or several of them at any rate—fell away.

At sixty, however, I fear Mr. Brien will have had it, since not for him the psychological uplift of sudden money in your pocket (pension), or a new hair-do or dress. Male hats and suits, even if new, don't really count in this respect. But if he is a journalist, probably he will have had a thrombosis by then, and we shall be enjoying his successor's articles. (Did I not say human nature is infinitely accommodating?) So—not to worry! IRENE LAUDERDALE

St. John's, Angmering. Sussex