19 MARCH 1965, Page 16

John Bull's Six Counties SIR,—Th e facts given by Mr. Peabody

are wrong. There are no 'gerrymandered electoral boundaries.' These are fixed by the United Kingdom boundary commission as are those in England, Wales and Scotland. Incidentally, constituency boundaries have no bearing on the figures which I gave (401,897 Unionist votes and over 80 per cent in favour of the constitutional position of Northern Ireland) for this is the aggregate of the votes in the whole of Ulster. Again there is no 'company vote' at an election for Westminster, which is conducted on the same basis as in Great Britain—universal adult franchise. The allegation of 'several thousand forged Unionist votes' is a smear and is not true.

Mr. Peabody does ill service to his cause by attempting to distort the facts. He must not deny to the electors of Northern Ireland thcir right to vote to remain an integral part of the United King- dom under the Crown.