19 MARCH 1965, Page 9

Judge's Verdict

Mr. E. T. Judge, the new President of the British Iron and Steel Federation, is predictably against the nationalisation of steel. So. equally predictably, am I. I applaud in particular two Points in his admirable presidential address on Wednesday. First, what he had to say about Pricing policy, which represents a significant departure in the industry's thinking, and one that both Tories and Liberals will welcome. Second. his question and comment : 'Is steel nationalisa- tion really top priority in our crisis-torn economy? If the Labour Party, nevertheless, insists on pressing on with nationalisation because of outdated political theory, at least they should not presume tcr speak in the same breath of the modernisation of Britain.' And where by the way Is the Bill?, It was to have appeared in January., then in February, then (as a positively final date) by March 15. The Ides of March have come and gone. Still no Bill, not even any new date for one. Perhaps the parliamentary problem of avoiding

Hybrid Bill Procedure has turned out to be more difficult than the Minister thought. Certainly the Bill is now at the back of the queue, and that is excellent news.