19 MAY 1866, Page 1

In Italy the excitement has risen to fever height. Garibaldi

has accepted the command of the volunteers, who are being enrolled in every district and municipality; the Heir Apparent has received the command of a brigade ; the King has ordered a forced levy of horses ; and the cities are voting pensions to the families of all who may fall. It is stated that 200,000 troops and 400 guns have now been collected in the north ; the fleet, including six iron-clads, is fully equipped, and the Government is becoming impatient for the signal to begin. It is reported, on the authority of Prince Napoleon, that the Italians have decided to fight Austria, even if they are left alone, and all travellers report the excitement of the population. It seems possible that the first blow struck may be an endeavour to create insiurection at Trieste, or some other point on the Adriatic, and by the telegrams of Friday troops had been embarked in transports for some unknown destination. Austria all the while has 185,000 men in Dalmatia, and considers Venice unassailable by sea and the Quadrilateral by land. The army in- cludes 20,000 Croats, and is accompanied by the Grand Duke of Tuscany, whom it is the avowed object of the Austrians to restore to his "heritage."