19 MAY 1866, Page 1

The Prussian Government has completed its armaments, and has now

500,000 men ready for action. As time advances, the lan- guage of the Court becomes higher, and the Government of Han- over appears to have received a severe warning against opposition, a warning amounting to a distinct menace of military occupation. A new Chamber is to be called together, and a story has been set afloat of an effort made by the King to obtain the opinion of every village about war. It seems clear that the artisans dislike a war which interferes with their wages and makes the conscription severe. Peace meetings consequently are being held, and it is said that in one place the artizans have resisted the conscription agents by force, but there is no general opposition in Prussia. The army, it is clear, will obey, and so high have the King's hopes risen, that he has refused to treat further with Austria except upon the basis of Prussia's military and political leadership in North Germany.