19 MAY 1866, Page 19

Miss Crosby's Matchmaking. 1 vol. Edited by Maine O'Hara. (13eaton.)—Miss

Crosby is a good-natured bat rather twaddling old maid, who has a wild Irish girl on her hands. She keeps her out of scrapes, and gets her married and settled, not without some improbable incidents. As these improbable incidents are few in number, they have to be eked out by a most unfair amount of that sort of soliloquy which modern novelists are fond of inflicting on the reader, wherein all the reasons pro and con any course of conduct are argued out at length. Moreover, our authoress is disposed to be didactic, and pats improving speeches into the mouths of her characters at unseasonable times. But her intention is good, the book will do no harm, which is saying some- thing in these days, is just readable, and has the laudable feature of exalting the humane profession of the law at the expense of a military swell.,