19 MAY 1866, Page 2

The Times calls attention to the extraordinary rise lathe revenue

of the Post Office, which it believes may one day relieve us of the whole burden of the income-tax. The surplus income is already 1,500,0001., it increase at the rate of 300,000/. a year, and the secret of profit has been at last discovered. This lies in the establishment of intramural deliveries in all large towns, which cost very little and bring in daily increasing returns. It appears almost impossible to multiply these stations too fast, and they are being rapidly extended throughout the country. The Times seems to think there may be a cry for a. reduction in the charge for postage, but that would, we believe, be a mistake. Nobody thinks of the penny much, and it would be better for the Post Office to sell stamped sheets of letter paper for the penny, ready gummed for folding, than to reduce the nominal charge. Nothing is gained by lowering charges below the habits of a people. We question if a newspaper has ever succeeded at a halfpenny which would not

xedunleerthe checks on moarp-orders, and peshapa the fees payable or thenertJean by suggesting, uttiorin Winslow postage.